Tuesday, 27 February 2018


It has been my absolute pleasure to make these videos for you over the last couple of years.

Things have been going well and it has been enormously heartwarming knowing how many of you have found the videos useful for sleep, relaxation, Christmas celebrations and even for keeping warm! :)

We have now had over 70 million views, which is amazing considering we only launched in 2014. Thank you so much if your views were any of these!!!

As I haven't updated the blog in a long while, I'd like to share a few highlights with you to keep you updated. So, if you are interested, please find a summary below...

Thank you for watching, commenting and subscribing! Your support is hugely appreciated.

With best wishes,


Firstly, a disclaimer! The list of highlights is really very long as I really love so many of the videos on this channel! While not everything gets lots of views, everything is made with love. Some of the videos are like key ingredients in a recipe - the rice or potatoes shall we say - in terms of views they get and revenue they generate, while others are more like delicate spices, with far fewer views but I'm still glad they are there. All are necessary if it's going to be a tasty meal!

I also highly recommend you take a look at our full page of videos to truly browse through what we have on offer yourself. My highlights will only scratch the surface, or it would be a very, very long list!

While some baby music channels produce as much content as possible, Lullaby Baby is more about quality over quantity. So you will find carefully selected and crafted videos, covering a range of instruments and themes.

That said, let's get started... :)

In first place... Our Fireplace video has consistently ranked in top place on YouTube since its launch and has now had over 18 million views!! People have left comments saying that it helps with sleep, insomnia, cancelling out other noises, helps them feel warm and cosy, and has even been reported as relieving tinnitus.

We followed this up with a Real Time Fireplace video, which is 7 hours long with no loop or repeat. This has also had lots of lovely comments, with people saying how they find the fire sounds relaxing and many people use this while they have an electric heater on in the room, to get a more authentic fire experience. Some people even went so far as to set up a screen in an actual fireplace and had this playing instead of a real fire.

Our Music Box collections are proving to be some of the most popular Music Box compilations on YouTube, with long playlists (full albums of music, rather than loops) of traditional lullabies and Christmas music. One of these Music Box videos has now had almost 10 million views and includes many popular lullaby songs.

Following the success of the first video, we commissioned the same musician to make another album of lullabies in the same style. We then made a new video combining two albums, which includes over an hour of beautiful lullabies before it repeats.

It was also great working with a real harpist to create our Harp Lullaby collections. Here is one example of our harp videos.

There are also some lovely loops that continue to do well. One of my real favourites is Amazing Grace; a wonderful, soothing instrumental rendition of this beautiful song. It seems other people like it, too, as it's now had over 600,000 views.

Our Music Box video of Jesus Loves Me also does well, with many people commenting how there like to use it for their children.

Another popular choice is the Celtic Harp video. Even though the music is looped, it has a very high retention rate, so it seems to work particularly well for baby sleep:

And let us not forget our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video, which has now had almost 5 million views and has even made it to the first page of recommendations on YouTube!!

As you may have seen, we have also uploaded content that is suitable for general relaxation and sleep, rather than just lullaby music. Popular choices for people of all ages include our Cosmic Peace video, which includes over 2 hours of amazing meditation music before it repeats.

Another popular video is our Underwater Sounds and Relaxing Music, accompanied by a jellyfish video animation. This, too, has proven to be popular as sleep music for people of all ages.

Our Native American Flute videos are another example of videos that work for people of all ages. For these videos, it has been particularly pleasing to also receive positive comments and feedback from people who actually are Native American.

Our first Native American Flute video was a seamless loop that works well for deep relaxation.

Our second Native American flute video was a beautiful medley including over an hour of music before it repeats.

Relaxing Piano compositions have also been popular on this channel. We commissioned an hour long medley which is now one of the most highly recommended piano compositions for baby sleep on YouTube. It has had over 2 million views so far.

We also made a version of the same relaxing piano music with underwater sounds with a relaxing video of beluga whales, which again has received lots of positive feedback and has had almost a million views.

Christmas Music instrumental videos have been especially popular on this channel. We have some of the most popular Christmas Music collections currently on YouTube, with many millions of views over 22 videos.

Our Christmas Playlist includes solo piano, acoustic guitar, music box, orchestra, brass band, harp - in medleys and as albums. Some videos are also combined with fire sounds to add to the cosy feeling.


I really could go on all day, so I will try to stop writing now!

Just finally to say that if music doesn't really work for soothing your baby, you might like to try our Womb Sounds for babies to sleep video. It's currently in first place in this category and has received lots of positive feedback.

If you like the videos on this channel, please help us to reach more people by liking and sharing our videos. Please also leave a comment under the videos, as this helps a lot in helping the video get discovered through YouTube's algorithms. 

But, above all else, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!! This is 100% the most important thing. 

Bye for now! Please subscribe to stay updated on the new videos as they get published. I will aim to have something new every week as I have a lovely collection of music currently waiting to be turned into videos. 

With best wishes (again!),


Wednesday, 23 November 2016


It's Christmas time again! :-)

This year we've added six new videos to the Christmas collection. Here's a quick overview:

Relaxing traditional Christmas music, accompanied by a cosy Christmas video 
of a street lamp, with snow falling and a Christmas border

Our best solo piano collection yet, with over 2 hours 15 minutes of 
beautiful music before it repeats.

A beautiful medley, composed and performed exclusively for this channel.
The music is accompanied by a video with lots of different Christmas details,
including footage of decorations, presents, Christmas tree and the fireplace.

A relaxing collection of Christmas carols and traditional music, played on solo harp.

The same collection as with the nativity video. This time with a very relaxing
snow falling video.

Slightly more upbeat than our other collections, this video includes
light and magical Christmas music on a selection of instruments.
It's very a peaceful and relaxing collection, with a joyful, sparkly feel.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Thanks for stopping by...

I must confess, I forgot to update this website for quite a while. The best way to keep up to date with our new videos is really to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

That said, I'm here now, and very happy to be able to show you a new video that I've just finished.

It's a fairy-inspired compilation of lullabies, classical music and lullaby interludes. I find it very relaxing and hopefully your little ones will like it, too! (Click here to watch.)


It includes 94 tracks - 4 HOURS OF MUSIC - with no loop or repeat*.

*Those of you who are very eagle-eyed will notice that "When at Night I Go to Sleep" features twice. This was a mistake, and it's too late to correct now... But, that aside, NO LOOP OR REPEAT!!! :-)

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out...

In around a week there will also be a 12-hour version of this collection, with some very slight modifications.

In addition to the fairy collections, I am also working on some really beautiful nature-inspired collections. These will be ready over the next few weeks and will include waterfalls, birdsong, and river sounds... They're going to be lovely!

So if you haven't done so already, please SUBSCRIBE to see the new videos when they're ready.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit!

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Sunday, 8 May 2016


Here's our latest video...


It's a combination of a very relaxing piano instrumental (composed specifically for babies to sleep), with very gentle accompaniment and underwater sounds. The video itself shows Beluga whales swimming. I personally find it very relaxing, and hope you like it, too! :-)

Thanks for your interest and for watching our videos!

Best wishes,

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Thanks for visiting!


Things are going well and I'm delighted to be able to offer a new collection of music by one of our most popular musicians.

The new album of music features in the following videos (collections and individual loops), so you can choose which version works best for you...

There are two compilation videos including the new music:

Mixed lullabies (33 songs)



And three looped versions of individual songs:

Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers


Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No.1

Debussy's Clair de Lune 


I hope you like the new videos!

Best wishes,

Thursday, 28 January 2016

An update on how things are going...

Hello! :-)

Thank you for visiting!

Since our launch in July 2014, "Lullaby Baby" has been growing steadily.

The Christmas music collections have done especially well, and it has been absolutely wonderful receiving so many heartfelt messages of goodwill from people who have appreciated them. The most popular Christmas video remains the "Peaceful Piano" compilation, and this has now had over 5 million views and 13,000 likes!


This year, our new "Christmas Fireplace" and "Christmas Music Instrumental" videos also did very well. It was a great pleasure compiling the playlists for these, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out, with over 50 beautiful tracks in each video.

If you missed them this Christmas, do take a look when next Christmas is here!



The "Christmas Acoustic Guitar" album also did very well, and is one of my personal favourites from all the videos on the channel.


Now that Christmas is behind us, it's time to focus on lullabies again! :-) Our most successful lullaby video is currently "Lullabies for Babies to go to Sleep". It's really been amazing seeing how popular it has become and it has also attracted many new visitors to the channel.


A nice thing about these videos is that they provide a cosy and safe space, that is beneficial to people of all ages. I've lost count of the number of comments we've received that include words to the effect of "I love this and I'm not a baby!" So, if you enjoy these videos for yourself, you're not alone! ;-)

There are many lullaby videos on the channel, so I won't list them all here! (Please have a look under the "VIDEOS" tab for more information.) But one video I would like to bring your attention to is our latest "Lullaby Piano Medley". It was composed and performed specifically for this channel - so you won't hear it anywhere else - and I'm absolutely delighted with how it has turned out.


If you haven't heard it already, please take a look! I really feel that it's a beautiful gift to the world. It's composed and performed by the same musician who created the "Relaxing Piano" medley, which you might have seen already, and I'm very happy that we will be able to continue working together.


The final things to mention are... Yay! You've guessed it! The website is now online!!! I had a website at the beginning, but I couldn't work out how to use it. Now, after putting it off for almost a year, I've managed to get a "blogger" website together, which feels comfortable and manageable. Phew!

Before I go, I'd like to recommend two more videos that I think are really great, but, for whatever reason, they haven't really taken off the ground.... Firstly, a "Lullaby Medley" made specifically for this channel. This time by a friend of mine who I have worked with on many projects. He now works full-time as a music teacher in a school, so unfortunately he doesn't have the time to work on any more videos for the moment! It would be wonderful if more people could find it.


And lastly, please check out this "Cosmic Peace" video. It's really very relaxing, and includes 2 hours of music before it repeats. It has a very high like ratio (177 to 9), so those who find it do appreciate it! It's just a question of helping people find it.


If you've read this far, thank you for your interest! You seem to like what we do enough to be reading this, so with this in mind, I have a couple of small favours to ask... Basically, please can you do one or all of the following:

1. When you like a video,  please click "Like", as this helps the video gain in popularity and thus get more exposure on YouTube. (N.B. Just click once. If you click a second time the like disappears!)
2. If you like one of our videos, please leave a comment under the video - even if it's something tiny! ***This is especially useful for new videos. Any help is much appreciated!*** Again, this helps with algorithms and discovery.
3. If you haven't done so already, please SUBSCRIBE! :-)

Thank you if you can help us in this way!

And that's it. All that remains to say, is THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! As always, it's a pleasure making these videos for you, your babies and your loved ones. I really feel very blessed to be able to work in this way.

Best wishes,

Lullaby Baby